Dry Ice Blast Co2 Cleaning Supply Service Mumbai IndiaCRYOGENIC Co2 TECHNOLOGIES was founded in 2003 and was primarily a sales agent for Littman - Germany, who is a leading manufacturer of Dry Ice Cleaning equipment.

The prohibitive cost of the equipment has prompted us to offer Dry Ice Blast Co2 Cleaning Supply Service Mumbai India modern and effective cleaning method to industry through service.

Cryogenic cleaning or Dry Ice Blast Co2 Cleaning supply service Mumbai India, as it is more commonly termed, is used worldwide in varied industries such as tire, printing, aeronautical, food, electrical, rubber mold, automobile, restoration and a host of other industries.


Dry Ice Blast offers a prevalent cleaning process that can decrease tidying time by up to 80%, contingent upon the application and kill optional waste, bringing about a critical reasoning in general cleaning costs-as per mechanical pioneer Polar Clean.

Dry Ice Blast dispenses with gear harm in two ways. To start with, dry ice blast does not disintegrate or wear away the focused on surface as conventional coarseness media and even wire brushes do. Dry Ice Blast CO2 Cleaning service implies surface trustworthiness and basic resistances are saved and hardware won't need to be supplanted because of surface disintegration regular with sand, glass dots, and other grating media. Second, with customary cleaning strategies, gear is frequently harmed while in travel to or from the committed cleaning region. Rather most hardware and apparatus can be cleaned while set up.

The Dry Ice Blast procedure has been endorsed by the EPA, FDA and the USDA and is a naturally neighborly cleaning strategy. Dry Ice blast co2 cleaning service is 100% environmentally sheltered, biodegradable and safe to people, creatures and marine life.

Dry Ice Blast is especially powerful at cleaning mechanical and creation hardware. Not at all like different kinds of media impacting, Dry Ice Blast service has no extra waste or auxiliary pollution. Upon contact with the surface to be cleaned, the dry ice pellets change specifically from a strong to a gas in a procedure known as sublimation, abandoning no deposit. This likewise makes it perfect for circumstances where dampness isn't a choice. It is nonabrasive, nonconductive, and nonflammable. Dry Ice Blast service is particularly compelling at achieving hard to achieve places diminishing the requirement for dismantling of the gear.

Cryogenic cleaning is a process in which particles of solid carbon dioxide are propelled at a high velocity to impact and clean a surface.

Customary strategies for cleaning, similar to dot impacting and sand shooting clean through an etching activity, much like utilizing an ice pick frequently harming the substrate.

Cryogenic cleaning on the other hand might be compared to a spatula as it lifts the contaminant away. The advantages of the method may be summarized as under:

The cleaning equipment is pneumatically operated at a pressure of 5- 6 bar and requires an air volume of 7cubic meters per min. and can be run on plant air. The equipment is compact and mobile and is easily moved to the location of the machine to be cleaned.

Cryogenic (Dry Ice Blast Co2 Cleaning) CO2 Technologies India now makes available this unique industrial cleaning proposition at your doorstep and at very affordable prices. Dry Ice Blast service is available on a 24 hour basis with a minimal lead time.

Do contactus to enable us understand your requirements more completely and so that we chjdyan jointly work out solutions that will meet with your maintenance needs cost effectively.