HT Motor Stator Coils Manufacturer Mumbai IndiaWe are the HT Motor Stator Coils Manufacturer Mumbai India. Call on us for computer aided designed, made to order HT Motor Stator coils of Electrical Motors & Generators upto 13.8 KV.

Today the breakdown of large electrical machines even before the minimum expected period can create a crisis in industry, adversely giving a long break to the production of the industry, facing a direct threat to its bottom line. Downtime alone cost you colossal amount and recovery is unthinkable.

So, the only way of avoiding such time wastage, production losses would be calling our expert HT Motor Stator coils Manufacturer team & providing us with your detailed HT Motor Stator coils data before hand so that we can supply you the stock of specific designed coil well in advance. As you know, making new coils would takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Plus 8-10 days for rewinding thus saving time & loss of production.

We manufactures spare sets of HT Motor Stator coils to any specifications upto 20 MVA capacities and 132 KV as per drawing and technical specification or samples.

No matter the size, capacity or working voltage of the machine, HT Motor Stator coils can be manufactured to fit any machine by using sophisticatedly designed machines, best quality materials & most modern insulation systems to match to any class.

HT Motor Stator coils Manufactured

HT Motor Stator coils
Motor Stator coils
HT Motor Stator Coils Manufacturer Mumbai India