Of any type of transformers Working Voltages Form 3.3 KV high Voltage 132KV. reliable and very efficient breakdown service For distribution and power transformers with capacities upto 20 MVA and can be carried out at the works, larger transformers can be dealt with on site.

Every Transformer repair is carried out making use of skills and experience gained over the years of service devoted to this field. Dynamic and well trained, our Service engineers act promptly on calls from custmers

We are fully equipped to wind cails upto 10 feet long and five feet in diameter, and also have the expertise and equipment for vacuum treatment of high voltage transformers which need proper drying before commissioning.

Only the best indigenous / imported material with high machanical strength and dieletric properties are used for insulation.

Radiators used for cooling, are also similarly tested. Tanks and radiators are cleaned by sandblasting followed by proper surface treatment and paint coating.

Complete transformers undergo an oil reconditioning process to meet specified standards before proceeding to the pre-commissioning test stage for which adequate facilities are available.

Our commitment is to ensure a long trouble-free operation of the transformers after repaired, beyond the guarantee period of twelve months.